Cheers Martin

16 December 2011

Dear Megan,

I am pleased to say that we have now finalised the United States year abroad destinations for 2012-13 and you have been allocated to:

Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge.

I have to say, finding out that I was going to Louisiana when my top choices had both been in Arizona made me pause for a couple of seconds. I had considered putting LSU has my first choice but didn’t think I had the academic grounds to get placed there, turns out that in eight months time that’s exactly where I’ll be! Martin Halliwell (head of the school of English) had managed to choose the perfect place for me. Not only is LSU’s sports mascot a LIVE TIGER called Mike, but I get the chance to go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans, go on the hunt for Bon Temps and Eric Northman; and live somewhere I probably wouldn’t otherwise get the opportunity to go to.

Better still, a month ago I texted my friend Alice telling her about how I planned to write a blog while abroad to keep people updated. My shortlist of titles were: An Arlett in Arizona, Megan goes to Mississippi and A Lewesian in Louisiana. Being Alice (a proud Lewesian and lover of alliteration) her favourite was the last one and she was disappointed to hear that I thought I was unlikely to go there. When I texted her today to let her know, her reply was: “Omgggg it has to be so hipstery. That’s so cool man. How much are flights? I could come intrude upon you x”. Followed by, “Ps. Party themes for my thing in January? Nocturnal creatures?” I think it’s safe to say that with support and a name like this, A Lewesian in Louisiana is off to a good start.

Over and out



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