Happy Jubilee weekend!

Earlier this week I went down to stay in London with my dad and Guncles because I had my appointment at the American embassy for my visa! After a slight panic the night before because I’d forgotten to pay my SEVIS fee I went to the embassy on Thursday and after two and a half hours (4 minutes of which were in front of an actual person) my visa was approved! It’s official, I’m going to America!!

AND in completely unrelated news that is only really relevant if I continue rowing at LSU, ULBC went to Peterborough regatta on Sunday the 27th of May and bossed it!

Rebecca, me, Emma, Kate and Sarah

Despite having so little hope for getting past heats that all I brought for lunch was a salad, we won our first rowing points!! Whether or not this means anything in the States I don’t know, and whether I want them to know is another matter because they might expect me to be a lot better than I am….

18 seconds off of our time!

Just over two months to go!


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