Louisianans love sloppy food! Burgers that fall out of the buns, poboys which are baguettes with a 2:1 ratio of filling to bread, Étouffée and gumbo which are both kinds of stews are all staple dishes. Last night I tried a sausage and duck gumbo and I was sold! Even better than the food itself was the fact that the portion was the perfect size! Praise the Lord for less wasteage!

We accompanied our meal with a number of beers (“Y’all have ID? I don’t give a shit but I need to be seen to be checking some”) and then headed over to Tigerland to investigate the nightlife around here. It wasn’t Brighton. Or Leicester for that matter. But I enjoyed myself, being asked to say Baton Rouge multiple times because it sounds “so awesome” does that to a girl and the novelty of drinking Southern Comfort in the South still hasn’t worn off.

And if you’re interested in the air con situation, I’ve managed to turn it down (or up I guess technically) but the noise of it is getting into my soul. 


“I love your accent” count: 4

Food I couldn’t finish count: 1


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