My roommate Lexi has arrived from Wisconsin!  Her lovely mum bought us a fridge, got me lunch and laughed at my jokes 🙂

Our room actually looks really nice! And she says it is a lot nicer than where she stayed in her first year at Wisconsin which makes me feel better because when I first walked in I wasn’t particularly enthusiastic about living in a mental asylum/underground station. Click on any photo to enlarge it and stalk my life to an even greater degree.

Lexi’s bed
My (unmade) bed and desk complete with Karen the koala lamp
Sexy sink area
Lexi’s walk in wardrobe
Compared with my sparsely populated one….

The food situation is getting better and I’ve even been to the gym which is mental and HUGE! They even have a little circuit training room with cued music to tell you to switch like a computerised, personal Ted (rowing reference).

Today most of the people in the hall moved in so tonight there is a “Gelato social” (Yeah, I didn’t know what that means either. First guess was jelly wrestling, turns out it’s ice cream).


“I love your accent” count: 8

Food I couldn’t finish count: 3


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