If you’re at LSU and you want a good time in a scummy bar you want to go to Tigerland which is where we headed to last night. After being introduced to Four Loko by Lexi and learning how to play Flip Cup we headed over to a bar which looked like it should’ve come straight out of interrailing and from what I remember it was fantastic! As we walked in a woman went, “Oh my god, more Europeans!” it was one of those nights where people wake up and reminisce the entire day.

Yesterday we also discovered a game called Ladder/Testicle toss which it turns out I’m not too bad at! AND I won a $10 itunes voucher!

Tomorrow is our last day of doing nothing before classes begin, I’ve ordered all of my text books second hand off of Amazon which cost me $100 instead of the $350 it would have been from the bookstore. Planning on going to have some Louisianan cuisine, make use of the amazing gym facilities and embrace how keen I am for the first week of classes before the enthusiasm wanes.


“I love your accent” count: 8

Food I couldn’t finish count: 3


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