Radio bar

After over a week of persistent pleading, we finally got around to going to the bar that Tess had been to last week and it was a good decision. Unfortunately for Tess she didn’t bump into her good looking Professor there but the bar did allow dogs so I spent an unhealthy proportion of my time with a boxer called Violet. We all had our IDs checked on the way in and the guy didn’t even bat an eyelash at the fact that not only were three of us underage (according to our IDs at least, Lexi is lucky enough to have her sister’s) , but we hadn’t even tried to hide it. He just waved us through. Great success!

I’ve found someone to cut my hair! This isn’t hugely exciting unless you’re my mother or know quite how little I trust hairdressers (sorry mum).

Yesterday I was treated to my first shrimp po boy by my host family, Andy and Mary O’Brian. They are a couple in their late fifties who live close to campus and I hope are going to feed me well throughout the year. Being picked up in a red, Mercedes convertible is also quite fun.

There has been a dip in “I love your accent”s but I huge spike in “Where are you from?”s. And yes, Gabbie and Hannah, you were right to say that people would think I was Australian.

And finally, I got a full season ticket to LSU football so as a form of procrastination from real work I’m going to start studying the rules… may need a copy of American Football for Dummies.

“I love your accent” count: 9

Food I couldn’t finish count: 3



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