In the back of a police car

Lexi and I have packed up our lives and started heading out to Tess’s house. The aim is to get the bus but after 15 minutes of waiting and a quick google to see if one will ever come (the answer is likely not) we decide to start walking.

All packed and ready to go.

We are 5 minutes into our 15 minute walk and in a lot of pain when a police car pulls up beside us.

“What are y’all doing?!”

“Oh, we’re just going to our friend’s house for the hurricane.”

“Well, I can give y’all a lift part the way I guess.”

And so begins my first time in the back of a police car. He radios in that he has picked up ‘two white females’ and then within less than a minute we are at the apartments. I think we’re in the clear when he says, “You’re from England right? I need to talk to you before you go.”

Shit. I am carrying a lot of alcohol, do not have my passport on me and am very scared of American police.

But he just proceeds to give Lexi and I some advice about how to deal with our first hurricane (“First the wind picks up and they’re like “Ooooh I like wind” but they don’t know what’s coming”) and then sends us on our way. What a babe.

I have learnt many things from this experience:

  • to get out of the back of a police car the office must roll down the window so you can open it from the outside
  • the backseats of police cars are cramped and made of plastic
  • public transport in America is not something to be relied on
  • there are nice police officers in the USA


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