Worst. Hurricane. Ever.

Isaac was crap. I can’t even convey what a let down it was. Matt worked out that the guys spent something like 62 hours at Tess’s house (Lexi and I arrived later) and it turns out cabin fever sets in ridiculously quickly.

Day 1 – Monday 27th August

Tess’s friend Max comes up from New Orleans where he lives because he lives alone and everything is a bit scary.

Matt, Elliot and Carl arrive at Tess’s house.

Day 2 – Tuesday 28th August

Lexi and I arrive. The guys buy $116 worth of alcohol for our hurricane party which as it turns out is about a day premature but seriously fun nonetheless.

Weather is starting to look scary.

Day 3 – Wednesday 29th August

Pain. So much pain. On investigation the pain comes from Lexi and I having finished our 1.75l bottle of rum. Fortunately the nausea of moving is fixed by a cup of tea (thank you Max!) and some pizza. I skype Francesca for her birthday and she scares the shit out of Lexi by waving with a baby rat in each hand….

Boredom and lethargy begins to set in. We become less mobile, shuffling from room to room. Taking naps is a common past time as well as checking facebook and staring at a hurricane tracker.

Social networking.

We are expecting the worst of the storm to hit by about 1am. By this point Isaac has been downgraded to a tropical storm. It is Max’s birthday tomorrow so Lexi and Tess decide to make him a cake secretly in the apartment next door.

‘Cake’ in a pizza box.

And after the excitement of getting Jason into a dress we all go to bed, expecting the storm to hit us overnight.

Day 4 – Thursday 30th August

I wake up at 11.50am snuggled between Tess and Carl. Outside it is a beautiful Louisianan summer’s day. Even the lake outside has dried up. What the hell?! Most disappointing hurricane ever.

We’re all so crazed to get outside that within half an hour of waking up we’re all out of the door and on our way back to campus to try and find something to eat that isn’t pizza.

As it turns out, because Isaac is a pain in the arse our fall holiday has now been cancelled so I might have to skip class for a couple of days if I want to go to New York.



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