Bomb scare

As I was taking my pre-lunch nap today I was woken when Lexi came home from her classes earlier than usual.

“There’s been a bomb threat. We have to evacuate.”

My initial reaction was to stay in bed but apparently they take these threats seriously over here so, we ran upstairs to Tayla’s bedroom and waited for her to tell everyone to get out (she’s an RA) before we went on a little bomb scare adventure. There have been scares in Texas and North Dakota the past couple of weeks so the University were fairly sure it was a hoax but couldn’t take the chance to keep everyone on campus so were forced to evacuate.

Firstly, it took an hour and a half to get off of campus because the traffic was so awful. To put this into perspective, it would take about 10 minutes to walk the road it took us an hour to drive down…. it was worth it though because we took the opportunity for me to get my second shrimp Po-boy and for Lexi to get her first chicken one! Then we went and explored downtown Baton Rouge and discovered a massive abandoned bank vault when Lexi saw a pretty door and decided to open it….

The door that Lexi decided to randomly open

After this we went thrifting! A woman with no front teeth and a stripe of grey hair in her fringe came up to me and said, “Oh sweet lord Jesus! You’re from England?”

“Yes I am.”

“Have you met Prince Charles? Lord, I love him.”

“No I haven’t”

“Have you met the Queen?”

“I haven’t met her either. My mum has had tea at Buckingham Palace though.”

“Oh dear Lord! Suzanne! Suzanne! This sweet girl is from England!” Trying to divert attention I decided to tell her that Lexi was from Wisconsin. “Oh beautiful girl! I’m from Milwaukee!” They made us promise to come back and visit them, which we probably will considering how good the shop was.

Tayla being a pro at thrifting.
Lexi and her haul.

By this stage I was needing my afternoon nap but we still weren’t allowed back on campus so we went to Tess’s apartment and experienced a bit of déjà vu when it turned out to be exactly the same as the hurricane party two weeks ago.

Return to cabin fever.

Fortunately, we were cleared to go back to campus by 7pm which meant I had to resign myself to not having any excuses not to revise for my exam on Wednesday. It shouldn’t be too hard what with this being the class with such priceless snippets as, “When I said no emails I meant no emails… except in a number of cases” and “It is important for the police to hear that crimes have occurred in order for them to deal with them”, but I want to be prepared for it just to prove that being on Skype and Facebook chat during class isn’t detrimental to my learning….

“I love your accent” count: 16

Food I couldn’t finish count: 3



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