Oklahoma, where the wind comes right behind the rain but we didn’t stay long enough to experience the wind.

This weekend I hopped on a coach for eleven hours and went on an adventure to Oklahoma city for my first stateside head race! I’m not going to lie, I did consider going to Oklahoma State University when I was picking my year abroad choices and I am so glad I didn’t. I’m sure Oklahoma is a lovely place to be and that the whole bleak landscape thing they’re going for is just a ploy to stop loads of people rushing to live there… but I think I’ll stick with Louisiana for now, thank you very much! I couldn’t have lived there anyway because I would have had this stuck in my head for the entire year:

On the way we stopped for breakfast in Texas, and because I touched the floor there I get to tick it off my list of States! I had pecan pancakes which were so yummy that I stopped shovelling them into my mouth for long enough that I was able to take a picture.


We stayed over night in a Holiday Inn which I was very happy with because you just never know with rowing teams, there seems to be a bond between rowers and camping that I just don’t understand. Fortunately, when I asked if we were camping I was met with a slightly horrified look which reassured me that I would be within a reasonable distance of a shower. We also got to eat in town so I saw slightly more of the city than the river which is something I can’t say about many of the places that I’ve rowed.


We arrived at the river bright and early Saturday morning to set up and right on cue it started raining just as my boat was launching which made me feel very at home. If I hadn’t been surrounded by American accents I could quite easily have been back in the UK had it not been for the presence of… HARVARD LIGHTWEIGHT MEN. I’ll give Nush a second to contain herself before the creepy stalker photos I took….







LSU in the background, somewhat eclipsed by Harvard. Sorry boys….

I’m not going to lie, as much as we rowed well, our race did not go fantastically. The event was pretty big, on a par with BUCS in terms of the big dog universities that showed up (refer back to the photo of HARVARD LIGHTWEIGHT MEN) and even bigger in terms of how many different kinds of event there were over the weekend.

After a very long and damp day we all piled back onto the bus and prepared ourselves for the eleven hours back home. We watched the LSU vs Towson game on the tvs on the bus (remember how I said they love Callin’ Baton Rouge? Check out the video below!) and then Wall.E which in my opinion is the greatest love story of all time and a great example of how people should talk less and dance with fire extinguishers more.

We rolled back onto campus at about 5am and when I got back to the room was welcomed with a “Welcome back Megan – Row, row, row your boat fastly down the course” sign that Lexi and Elliot had made at 4am. Lexi was still awake somehow so I showed her all my goodies (photos to come) and then I passed the fuck out. Turns out I was quite tired….

Weekend highlight: The only Asian on the team dancing down the aisle of the coach to Gangnam style.

Quote of the trip: Echo’s reply to a compliment on how good she is at an animal guessing game, “I don’t like animals, I just like guessing things”

Thank you women’s varsity eight for a great row, and thank you LSURC for a super fun weekend!




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