The University experience: UK vs USA

So, one thing I’ve noticed since being in the US is the massive difference between what it takes, and what you experience through getting a degree. At first, finding out that I had multiple choice exams amused me slightly too much, in hindsight I should have heard this and thought, “Erm.. Megan, you know you’re not very good at remembering things right?” So, after a little trial and error, I’m now one of those douchebags that makes mind maps. Whatever. YOLO. The work out here is also pretty constant, no more pissing about on Wikipedia the hour before a seminar and making up relevant links between texts when Americans LOVE a good pop quiz. Dreading the one week at the end of term when you have three essays due? That’s nothing compared to the four exams I had this week, the two projects due in next week and another exam the week after that (and that’s just October).

Another difference, unfortunately, is money. Being a student in England, as we all know, is pretty much this:

Baked beans on toast, Tesco’s ready meals, three layers of thermals to sleep in, lamenting not getting Wednesday’s off, never going to that 9am on a Friday, always forgetting how appalling the Student Union is but still going, being held hostage in the Black room in Republic by Onesie, being able to ask for Don’t You Want Me Baby by The Human League in a club and knowing that they’ll probably play it, Don’t Tell the Bride marathons, Jeremy Kyle marathons and last, but by no means least, being poor.

I’m not saying that it’s a universal truth, but to go to college in the States you have to have support from the parentals. At the very least it helps if you want to do anything other than sit in your dorm room and cry over how much your meal plan is costing you. I keep trying to explain how the loan and grant system works in the UK but it comes across like the government are just throwing money at me. I guess technically they are, it’s just not enough to live on and I am supposed to pay it back for the next 20 years of my life….

When I get home at Christmas I will spend the majority of the month re-watching hours of television in a rerun of the summer of 2011 when I watched all seven seasons of House. If you want to see me my calling hours will be between 11am and 7pm, I will come to the pub but only to eat the ice cubes at the bottom of your drinks and count out my pennies to see if I have enough for a lemonade. Exceptions may be made for my trip to Leicester.

With this in mind I’m considering starting a “Just Giving” page, donations towards the “Keep Megan Away From the End of her Overdraft fund” (KMAFEOF) are eagerly accepted and may just help me afford to eat next semester.

I miss you all!

“I love your accent” count: 17

Food I couldn’t finish count: 5 technically, unlimited if we count all the food I’ve wasted in the dining hall



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