Another reason to love rowing

As much as I want this blog to be fun, I also think it’s important that I can read it back in a few years and remember the vast majority of public appropriate things that happened.  So, for the sake of integrity: today I am stressed. I just filled out and submitted some forms that, fingers crossed (and I mean seriously, I want all of your limbs crossed too), will let me break my housing contract and move off of campus without getting a penalty fee of $2000 *gulp*. Basically, living on campus is bloody expensive. $200 a month more expensive than most off-campus housing to be precise… and I can’t afford it. So, I’ve filled in my forms, written a letter emphasising  the tragedy of being from a single parent household (props to Henry VIII for this one) and tried to explain just how irritating Student Finance UK are. Keep those fingers crossed. Seriously.

Now, I don’t want to get ahead of myself and curse it but when I mentioned my situation last night at Boat Bonding Courtney (our cox) jumped on the idea and suggested that I could take what will be the empty room when Emma (two seat) graduates in December. How good would that be?! This is why I love rowing because every now and again something happens that makes me forget how much ergs hurt and how sore my legs are right now and how I have builder’s hands. Now, I don’t want to leave Lexi. I love the girl and I couldn’t have gotten a better roommate, I mean, who else would sleep through me getting up at 5.30am every weekday? But I think on this one I need to be selfish and look out for myself. If it means that I have a little extra money next semester then it’ll be worth it.

I could live with this girl, right?

If my appeal gets denied then it won’t be great but I’ll deal with it so don’t cry for me just yet! There are cheaper meal plan options that I could use to have decent dinners and I can just stock up on cereal for in the room. I will call it my On-Campus diet!

In conclusion? If my appeal goes through then fun times are ahead, if it doesn’t then I’ll still have fun but I’ll also be forced into working towards Miranda Kerr’s body. Actually, now I think about it, both sound pretty good….



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