A gold star for keeping your fingers and toes crossed!

I was having a phone call with my Grandad, opened up my emails and saw two titled “Release without penalty”. There was a brief moment of blind panic. I decided not to open them yet because I didn’t think my Grandad wanted to hear a. screams of joy or b. grumpy Megan. There was a little teaser of the content from the second email which said, “Good morning Megan, please stop by our office…”. Hope…. Horrible, horrible hope. What if they had denied it but wanted to offer me a three person dorm room (no, cheers)? What if the woman was a sadist who liked knowing what poor students look like?

After a torturous five minute wait I finally said goodbye to my Grandad, opened the first email and saw this:

Dear Ms. Arlett,

The Contract Appeals Committee has reviewed your “Application for Release Without Penalty from the Residence Halls Academic Year Contract.”  Your application for release without penalty has been approved.  Please note that you will forfeit your $100.00 deposit upon check-out.

The committee wishes you the best as you pursue your studies at LSU!


Lynn Livingston

Not going to lie, my reaction was something like this:

Now, let’s all take a minute to appreciate Lynn Livingston and the great work that she does at LSU. Maybe there is a fruit basket coming her way, and by fruit basket I mean items of food taken from The 459 dining hall and given to her in a plastic bag. Let’s not forget the whole reason I’m in this situation: I’m poor as fuck.

So, incredibly relieved right now! Now, to see if it’s legal for me to bring back Baked Beans with me after Christmas….



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