Excited for Leicester

I think it’s safe to say that I’m a product of my environment so I just wanted to use some visual evidence to explain any behaviour that might seem weird to Americans.

These are my former housemates Laura, Millie and Onesie:

ImageMillie and Laura are zombies and Onesie is dressed up as a Scouse. They are not going out tonight, they are sat at home drinking and watching Embarrassing Bodies. I just Skyped them and spent a good percentage of the time I was talking to them watching their faces squirm as they freaked out over what was on TV.

Is Laura a zombie or just tired?
Laura finds out the gossip that Onesie neglected to tell her.

So there you go, after two years with these girls there are quite a few in-jokes that are ingrained with me so if I ever say “Neeeeewwww member” or “IAN!” then it will be because of them. I miss them a lot and I’m very sad they won’t be around when I get back to Leicester next year. I’ll be seeing them in December but until then I send my best across the Atlantic and Adam, get well soon!




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