State Regatta

Non-rowing readers don’t panic, this is the last regatta post for a while, I promise! This weekend we drove down to New Orleans to race against Tulane university on the most radioactive looking canal in the world. Tulane’s stalking ground actually reminded me a little bit of the canal at home, especially considering we were in New Orleans and finding a body was a distinct possibility (Americans, a body was found under the start line of our version of State Regatta a couple of years ago…). Also, the fear of being decapitated by a bridge at race pace really added another dimension to the thrill of 2k season. 

Dammit Louisiana you are so fucking pretty at times.

I got a bit annoyed at the most biased race start situation in the world that involved a kind of rolling race start… but the weather was great (uni tan lines may have happened), there was cake because it was Rachel’s birthday and Susko threw up after failing to down a beer afterwards. If I weren’t ruthless in documenting my year then I may have deleted this photo, instead I emailed it to myself so that when Susko ran off and deleted it (which he did) it would still exist as proof that he is weak.

ImageWe met up with Tulane afterwards and looked like a bunch of delinquents drinking by the side of the road but apparently this is more than acceptable in New Orleans. Their very drunk cox scared the shit out of me  and then started yelling that they also had a resident Brit (as it turns out he was a diluted version because he had moved to New York at thirteen).

We also had an emotional varsity women’s huddle because it was Emma’s last race and Erin is fucking off to France next semester. No panicking is necessary though because Echo and I are investigating life sized cut outs and I’m also organising some kind of dance off to determine which one of them gets the privilege of giving me their furniture for next semester. 

Summary? Fun first 2k of the year, congrats to lightweight men’s 4 and novice girls who won their races, commiserations to Tulane for not going to LSU.

“I love your accent” count: 24





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