My first rodeo

Last night everything got a little bit country because I went to my first rodeo which was put on at the agricultural centre at LSU. A few of the guys from rowing were taking part (after signing a waiver saying they wouldn’t sue, obviously, because we’re in America) so a big bunch of us went down to support and document any potential maiming on video.

Everything was very exciting until the actual rodeo kicked off and this happened to the first guy:


Paul was next and all of a sudden everyone got a little bit concerned that we weren’t going to have a club president any more. My camera wasn’t playing ball last night so I’ve stolen a few photos and I’m working on finding a video to post too. Next up was Dejean and his toy cowboy hat:



I kicked myself for having left all my plaid shirts at home.

Dejean and Paul, manliness after-glow – Courtney’s photo

So, I’ve ticked that off of the list of things to do. My favourite part was the discovery that they make the bulls angry by tightening a rope around their balls (makes sense really…) and I enjoyed watching Peyton be embarrassed when the team acted like her over-zealous parents during her barrel race.



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