Finals schminals

Next week is finals week, which means that right now I am sat in the lobby of my dorms with a book, and a list of articles I aimed to read this evening to my right, a table of dates I should probably know by now on my lap and a jar of Nutella that I swiped from the dining hall in my bag. The only thing I have learnt for sure in the 48 hours since I decided that I should probably start revising (or studying as Americans call it which is probably a better word because I never knew enough information in the first place to ‘revise’ it anyway) is that I probably have ADD.

If I put the amount of effort into learning about Louisianan history that I have into:

  • making an 80s themed radio station on Spotify
  • taking photos of me looking like Jabba the Hutt and sending them to Elliot
  • pestering people on Facebook chat
  • staring at Matthew and seeing how long it takes him to notice
  • eating Nutella off a spoon
  • writing this post

… I would probably be less embarrassed by my transcript for this semester.

The only plus side I see of this whole situation is that I will have literally nothing to worry about over Christmas and it will be a holiday rather than a month of me forgetting I have January exams. One week and about… six hours until I touch down in the UK. I love you guys, seriously, but I wore shorts and flip flops today so everyone is just going to have to treat me delicately while I adjust and mourn my hiatus from Louisiana.



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