The trouble with being British

Being in the States I am very aware that I have an accent, I never saw this as a bad thing until I was invited to the annual rowing event ‘Power Hour’.

“This is a tradition unlike any other. Actually, it’s just like all of our other traditions – drinking and hooking up with each other.

But really, we do this every finals week. This is our study break. For one hour, we will drink. Heavily. For those who are unfamiliar with the rules, you drink a shot of beer once a minute for an hour. It ends up being about 8 beers, so plan accordingly.”

Turns out, what I hadn’t realised until very recently, is that I don’t pronounce ‘r’s if they are at the end of a word. If you’re British and reading this, try it. Say ‘Power Hour’. Now try and say it five times fast. Exactly, you can’t! My head hurts.


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