Cheerio but be back soon.

I am packing up my room and as always my stuff has multiplied to the point where I can’t get it back into the bags it came in. Courtney and Emma are going to have the privilege of looking after Karen while I’m away and mum is coming to the airport with my coat (if she can find it). I don’t want to leave. It’s the 7th of December and I’m wearing shorts. SHORTS!

On the plus side, I just discovered a stash of Reese’s that I had hidden from myself and in 51 hours I get to have baked beans for the first time in four months!

And as for Emma, Dejean and Erin…

Erin’s punishment comes in the form of me showing her the true meaning of a night out in Brighton when she comes to England in the New Year on her way to her semester abroad in France. Basically, if we don’t end up in the emergency room because of a suspicious needle on the beach then we haven’t done it right.

Emma and Dejean, ‘Merica needs to sort out this whole graduating at weird times thing because last time a friend from rowing graduated I ended up drunk crying at 5.30am in the middle of the club in our Student Union…. I don’t really want that to happen again but the point is that I get emotional, ok? So good luck and everything but I’m not happy with you both.

This year is going too fast….


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