I’m back! So you can all stop missing me.

In case you didn’t know, I touched down in Baton Rouge at 5pm on Wednesday the 9th of December! Apparently, Louisiana was ready for me because it had prepared some good old fashioned British weather in the form of grey skies and rain.

I am now fully settled in the new apartment and today I went on my first proper trip to get groceries! I say proper because I have been to an American supermarket before but never to get normal stuff like milk, flour and M&M ice cream cookies! Merritt was an absolute hero and offered to take me and in return I gave her the option to choose ‘Merritt’s choice’ i.e. foods that were American enough that I shouldn’t miss out on them. M&M ice cream cookies were her first choice, tostitos, bean dip and salsa were her second.

If you have any suggestions for food that I need to try then let me know! I’ll do a review or something.

Anyway, here is me at the checkout with all my food. I think this was supposed to be my ‘I mean business’ face, but I just look a bit uncomfortable and grumpy which could explain why nobody ever thinks that I mean business.

Photo – Merritt Parsons

Going for Mexican tonight, I have definitely missed how easy it is to get a really nice burrito. It really is good to be back America!

Special thanks go to the immigration worker who not only let me into the country but also had a nice chat with me about crawfish.


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