Perks of being British

Sometimes having a very posh English accent in America can be a bit of pain. Examples include:

  • Needing to pronounce water as if it has a ‘d’ instead of a ‘t’ to avoid embarrassment in restaurants.
  • Being unable to say Power Hour.
  • The endless debates with Clay over whether or not cheerio is the same as aloha, obviously it’s not.
  • Having the word horrible yelled at you in a fake accent (‘orribowl) and then being forced to repeat it

But today in my American Literature class I had a B-E-A-utiful moment which reminded me how much it is worth it. My professor made us each introduce ourselves and say something for him to try and remember. I was second to last so everyone was fairly bored by the time we got round to me and I opened with the unadventurous line of, “Hi, I’m Megan. I’m on exchange this year and I’m on the rowing team.” I have never seen thirty heads turn round quite so quickly, it really was incredible. One girl from the opposite side of the room asked where I was from and the professor told everyone that they mustn’t presume that I’m his favourite and then told us about his grandchildren in Scotland. We then had a nice chat about how nobody can understand old Scottish people (true story).

Then, once I was home from my class, Courtney informed me that she had changed her Siri to be an English man and that it was retarded because it could never recognise what she was saying. I suggested that it couldn’t understand her accent so she repeated her request in what was a fair attempt at sounding like me and like magic Siri could understand her!

In other news, today the sun came out after a week of being genuinely concerned that campus was sinking and feeling like I was living within a cloud. Time to grab hold of the productive streak I’m having with both hands and make the most of first week back enthusiasm… after I’ve watched the season finale of American Horror Story.

Cheerio! (It means BYE Clay.)

“I love your accent” count: 27


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