“You need to drink more because you’re feeling” a.k.a My First Mardi Gras

Now, I’m not saying that there should be a competition to decide who is having the most epic year abroad but if there was one then I would definitely be in with a chance for the top spot right now. Why? Well, has your University just given you a five day weekend so you can go down to New Orleans, drink and catch beads? Mine has and this ridiculousness is called Mardi Gras.

Mardi Gras is a little bit like Bonfire night except there is less fire, more chance of a concussion and a hell of a lot more free crap. I was slightly apprehensive about the whole thing, I know myself well enough to know that potentially not having a nap for four days could go horribly wrong and I was questioning whether Mardi Gras could possibly be that much better than a Lewes Bonfire Night. The answer to that question is YES.

I kicked off the weekend with Emily, Lillian, Selena, Reuben and Ryan  at The Color Run. It’s a 5k run where you have coloured chalk thrown at you at each kilometre mark and at the end there is a ‘colour party’ that Selena described as being, “a new level of life!”




Before, during and after. All photos by Reuben.

Post colour running mess
Post colour running mess

We then all showered (turning the majority of Emily’s house green in the process) and headed out to parades. The great thing about going to Mardi Gras with the rowing team is that you’re surrounded by guys who are capable of putting you on their shoulders. I had at least four guys between my legs and that isn’t something I can say about every weekend. This means that you are higher than the majority of the crowd and can get EVEN MORE stuff you don’t really need but really, really want. For example, this spear:

Paul before he dropped Rachel and we all decided that getting on his shoulders wasn’t a good idea any more.

This spear was my favourite catch because Dejean risked friendships in order to make sure I got it. The man on the float definitely made eye contact and threw it towards me but it veered off and landed in the group beside us. I think Dejean had decided that I was going to have the best first Mardi Gras ever whether I liked it or not because he put me down from his shoulders, screamed “That’s Megan’s!”, dove into the group, ripped it off of Thomas and gave it to me. I felt kind of bad about it so I offered Thomas joint custody but he didn’t mind in the end because he found a light up sword.


This weekend also led me to the conclusion that I have far too many photos of Kevin’s nipples on my phone. My phone is three weeks old and I have seven photos of them. This needs to stop.

IMG_0324I even managed to get myself two Zulu coconuts!


I really cannot do this weekend justice, but hopefully the video clips I’m going to upload will help show a little better. Lewes Bonfire night is described as “a head-on collision of Halloween and Mardi Gras” but now that I’ve experienced Mardi Gras I can tell you that Lewes has got a long way to go before it’s even vaguely close. I am incredibly grateful to the rowing team for being hilarious, the Gundlach family for being ridiculously generous and feeding me some of the best food I’ve ever had and New Orleans for being New Orleans.

I’ll conclude with a quote:

“Put me on your shoulders, you won’t even feel my balls” – David Susko, 2013

Happy Mardi Gras!

“I love your accent” count: 30


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