The time that Susko thought that calling crawfish the “cockroaches of the swamp” made them sound more appetizing

Let me introduce you to the humble crawfish:


image (4)
David Susko and a crawfish. You can decide which is which.

He may not look like much but this Mr. Crawfish and a lot of his friends were my lunch on Saturday and hopefully they will be many more times before the end of this year. I learnt a great deal about crawfish on Saturday. For example, did you know that before you boil them you have to salt them so they… excrete all of the waste inside them? I also learnt how to get all the good stuff out of them and that I should always bring water to a crawfish boil.

imageAt a crawfish boil all normal table manners go out the window. Everything gets tipped out onto a table, everyone starts grabbing and I suddenly realise that I don’t know where to start. Turns out you have to squeeze and pull and peel and then fight over some corn because everybody loves the corn and then suck and bite and get red stuff all over you and everybody around you.

image (1)I was also informed that doing anything sexual after a crawfish boil leads to a certain amount of discomfort due to all the seasoning. I didn’t check to see if this is true but I just thought I’d tell everyone at home so that they don’t make that mistake if they ever come to the South. In the end the aftermath looks like this:

image (2)Not to mention the country music, good company and Cody topping every thing off by catching a fish in the pool of grime that we call a lake. It was just a perfect day, to the point where at one point we were stood, breaking the heads off of dead crustaceans reflecting on how lucky we all are.

image (3)

You really can’t help but love Louisiana.


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