Buc-ees and best friends – Heart of Texas Regatta

This weekend was essentially a lot of rowing bonding that was rudely interrupted by a 1k race.  We left for Austin dark and early on Friday morning. From what I’ve experienced, the drive to Texas is pretty easy but this time it was enhanced by a stop off at a Buc-ees. Normally, I’m the only person who walks into a place and wanders around in awe and confusion but rolling up to Buc-ee’s was a whole new experience for a large proportion of the team.


I couldn’t work out where to begin so I’ll let Wikipedia help describe:

Buc-ee’s offers products found at most convenience stores such as fuel, cigarettes, tobacco, chips, drinks, and soda at their smaller neighborhood stores. Flagships stores include a full-service deli, coffee shop, exterior tunnel car washes, Texas-themed specialty gifts and food, and products catering hunters and river rafters. Unlike many convenience stores, Buc-ee’s does not sell lottery tickets in order to keep fast-paced service. All Buc-ee’s are open 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Caramel and butter-glazed corn puffs known as “Beaver Nuggets” is Buc-ee’s #1 branded product.


Apparently they are also well known for having incredibly clean bathrooms. I also heard that there were men’s urinals as far as the eye could see so if anyone got around to taking a panorama then let me know.

Reviews from the team:

“Overwhelming” – Emily Gundlach

“Magnificent… Cavernous…. So clean you could eat off the ground.” – Marc Kemp


People even bought souvenirs, including coozies and Texas shaped bottle openers. I’m kind of regretting not getting a Buc-ees pillow pet.

We arrived in Austin and had time to kill until the trailer got there. This was spent eating what was possibly the best burger of my life (lamb, feta, rocket, cucumber, caramelised red onion and tzatziki), having massage competitions in the back of a pick up truck and bullying Jake.

Our race on Saturday went horribly and I got sunburnt which pretty much summarises about 70% of my rowing career to date. But the men’s novice A boat placed third and our mixed boat came first!

The ride home was probably my all time favourite driving experience to date. Tyler, Echo and I decided that we needed to be in the same car on the way home and that is exactly what happened. I’m pretty sure that Tyler is now my best friend forever. I was considering doing an entire blog post just for him but then I decided that it might be a bit forward and that everyone else might get jealous.

For everyone at home, this is Tyler eating a tortilla covered sausage, don’t worry, I don’t know who decide to put a tortilla around a sausage either:


Tyler is ridiculously quote worthy, here is a selection:

“We’re going to Buc-ee’s and I think someone’s getting laid now”

“I saw his meat stick with tortilla!”

“There’s three gorgeous people rubbing up against each other back here, it’s gonna get sweaty!”

“I just wanted to love you forever”

And what, for me, summarises the weekend perfectly:

“I’ve made so many best friends”

I hope the rest of the team don’t feel too badly about themselves because Tyler got so much attention in this post. I guess everyone’s just going to have to try a little harder and take part in deep conversations at 2am with me and Echo about what we need in life to be happy.

I’m just throwing this in the prove that rowing did actually happen.

So that was my weekend, Buc-ee’s, just over four minutes of rowing and my new best friend for life.


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