More Texas

I forgot to talk about my experience at Bikinis this weekend! Bikinis is a restaurant and this might sound naive but I really didn’t expect the waitresses to be wearing bikinis. All of the girls agreed that as much as we are comfortable with breasts, we didn’t know where to look. The guys all knew exactly where to look. Is this somewhere to take my dad when he flies out in June?

Bikinis restaurant review

Food – 8/10 Deepfried cheesecake anyone?

Service – 2/10 Our waitress spent ten minutes chatting/feeling up a man for extra tip instead of sorting out our bills.

Boobs – 7/10 Selena is apparently taking me to Twin Peaks so I’ll compare after that.

Today, Selena complained about her lack of airtime on the blog. I threatened to write something embarrassing. Instead, I’ll share what she said after the men’s novice A boat had placed third: “I couldn’t even reaux tigers anymore, it was time to dance.” Dancing is a common theme for LSURC and I found a video on my phone to prove it. You can also refer back to the return journey from Hobb’s Island.

Maybe by the time I get home I’ll be less of an awkward white girl dancer and more like my Americans.



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