Crescent City Classic 10k

This Saturday I went up against Olympians and world record holders when I ran the Crescent City Classic in New Orleans. No, really, the first female finisher was a Polish Olympian and first place (27 minutes, are you kidding me?) broke a world record. I signed up for CCC in February hoping that it would scare me into running more and getting my Spring Break body up to scratch. I realised this tactic hadn’t worked so I bullied Saltzy and Susko into running it too (I was Saltzy’s pacer, and when I say pacer I mean he said he would run with me and I’m really slow…) so that there would be more people available to watch me and therefore more pressure.


This is going to sound really cheesy, but I’m so glad Louisiana is beautiful because it makes running outside infinitely more pleasant. I am 100% sure that I wouldn’t have signed up to do a 10k if it had been through Leicester. Not that Leicester doesn’t have pretty parts, it’s just not the same as New Orleans on a sunny March morning.


All the people we beat



Then Susko got drunk on free beer and demanded that we eat some good food for lunch before we went back up to Baton Rouge.


It was a pretty good start to Spring Break. Prepare yourselves for what I hope will be a post full of painfully specific in-jokes when I get back from Alabama on Friday.

Note: Susko finished just outside the top 500 and I’m pretty sure he was done by the time Josh and I got to mile 4.


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