Fuck it, it’s Spring Break

As it turns out, not only did I get a long weekend off in order to drink in New Orleans but I also got a whole week off to drink on a beach in Alabama. Specifically this beach:


Top ten best things about Spring Break

1. The incredible party cup Ashley had made for me!


Too lazy to retake the photo, but this was the other side.

2. Clay’s poor excuse for a swimsuit


3. Pip throwing up in the sand and then covering it like a cat on day one.


4. The beer pong pit (later to become the boys bathroom)


5. When everyone decided they would rather chug salsa than beer.


6. Dejean being a Sorority girl


7. Clay being a Sorority girl


8. Drunk people


9. This picture


10.  And the clean up process.


Quote book (a select few):

Bea, good lord you are drunk girl. Is it even four? – Clay

Clothed with immense power! – Paul while throwing up

I can’t hear the ocean over these sick beats – DeJean

I’m not going on that sand hell hole any more – Nick

He’s about to get… [flicks out knife] Denouxtered – DeJean to Denoux who is passed out in a chair

Are we just drinking shirtless? Is that what we’re doing right now? – Cody

Let it play. Fuck. We had to listen to fucking… Edgar Allan Coe – Kevin


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