The Arlett-Braun honeymoon experience

After our fake wedding, Jake and I were super busy with finals and being the poor students that we are, we couldn’t afford a honeymoon! Fortunately, yesterday a group of us went tubing and I decided that this (like the wedding) was the honeymoon I had always dreamed of!

Tubing, for those that don’t know, involves sitting in a rubber ring and floating down a river for three hours while drinking beer and getting sunburnt. Unless you’re tubing with Paul Braun who attaches himself to the beer chest and insists that he wants to float on his own.


It actually didn’t look a thing like the above, it actually looked like this:


But it kinda felt like that first photo more than the second one.

Nature watch was interesting… there was a dead squirrel, one too many spiders and a snake in a tree. The snake was a little too close for comfort. As it turns out, tubing is like one big teambuilding exercise because there are lots of fallen branches in the water which the current makes you float into and then everybody has to try and escape while also staying with the group. Well, I got stuck in a tree, which was fine because my dashing husband helped get me out. Jake then said, “I didn’t want to say anything because I didn’t want you to panic but there was a big snake right by your head.” Wonderful.

I dealt a lot better with it than Echo who apparently gets overwhelmed by too much greenery. She told us that as a child growing up in LA she once started crying when they moved to an area which had more trees around it than she was used to. Needless to say, every time we heard a panicked yell we knew it was probably her. Echo also managed to fall asleep in her tube and then almost drowned both herself and DeJean when he tried to bring her up the exit ramp out of the water. But other than the near-drowing, near-snake attack and close encounters with rednecks on four wheelers, it was a mostly calm day.

I am now sunburnt and content.


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