Another encounter with Louisiana’s wildlife

You might remember my last close encounter with unwelcome guests, and while this definitely isn’t a solely Louisianan creature, tonight I met the mouse that we have suspected shared the apartment with us for the last couple of weeks.

Courtney and I have heard some strange noises for a little while and had kept trying to convince ourselves that it was the air conditioning, or the fridge, or a cockroach, basically anything other than a rodent.

Finally, last night I was sitting on the sofa and saw the little bugger run across the kitchen. Again, we decided that the best plan of action was to stay away from the danger. Then, as I was going to bed I heard a Courtney making some weird noises. At first I thought she was watching Game of Thrones, until I came out of my room and she explained that the mouse had run between her legs.

The mouse was getting more and more at home.

Then this evening, as I was casually putting my shopping away, the mouse decided that its home under the oven wasn’t where it wanted to be and ran across the kitchen, across my foot (which was apparently in the way) and into whichever hole it had come from.

Now, I see myself as a reasonably calm person. Apparently, when a mouse runs over my foot I lose my shit. I was the other side of the apartment faster than Usain Bolt and within a minute we were in the car on the way to Walmart to get mouse traps.

His name is Bruno Mars because he is small, you keep hearing him even though you don’t really want to and he makes ladies scream.

Now it’s a waiting game.

Courtney really captured the moment here

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