San Francisco to San Jose

This Friday the roadtrip that has been in the works since October 2012 finally commenced! I flew into San Francisco on Friday where I was met by my dad so that we could roadtrip around California.

We started off with a quick morning on Fisherman’s wharf where dad become a grumpy old man because he thought I was making up something about sea lions until we actually saw them.


We then stumbled across Bubba Gump Shrimp and kind of had to go there for lunch despite the fact that it was extortionately priced and touristy because, well, we wanted to and it was hilarious.


We found a shirt that we were seconds away from buying for my sister before we decided that she was probably old enough to understand it and would most likely cry.Image

Before we headed over to San Jose to stay with Paul and Manouri. Dad has known Paul since they worked together in their early twenties and we had always gone on holiday with him and his family until he moved to the US ten years ago.

Today we went down to Carmel and Pebble beach in what can only be described as British summer weather.



It was still pretty beautiful and I had an encounter with an LSU fan. I was wearing my LSU sweatshirt and a woman walking past said, “LSU!” I was so taken aback that the only response I could come up with was, “Uhhh HI!” Let’s just say that I will be more prepared if that happens again.

Tomorrow we drive down to Los Angeles!

Quotebook part 1 (quotes are all from my father):

Me: “What car do we have?”
Dad: “A ‘Ford Motherfucker'”

Dad: “You know how you bought me a present? Well I bought you a present too!”
Me: “Was this a free sample?”
Dad: “Yes.”

“And I said to Francesca, if that little girl is mean to you again then first ignore her and if she carries on then deck her.”

“The weather in England is Muslim. It’s occasionally Sunni but mostly Shiite.”

“And they keep telling me: ‘You’re not going to get me pregnant like that!'”

photo (9)


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