San Jose to Los Angeles

The roadtrip continues!

On Monday dad and I took the scenic route on our six hour drive down to Los Angeles which was absolutely stunning, especially when we got down to Santa Barbara and were right alongside the beach.


We got to Los Angeles, both agreed that we should do something in the evening, then promptly fell asleep. After a power nap, I went on an adventure with Echo and discovered that cupcake ATMs exist:


That the two of us do a great impression of a lesbian couple:


And what the hell a matzah ball is.

Today dad and I went to Universal Studios which was especially exciting because knowing how much my dad hates waiting in line, I had bought front of line passes because I would much rather pay more money than have to spend the day with my father when he is grumpy.

The day went as expected until I tried to take a photo of him in front of the Studios sign and this happened….



He didn’t just photobomb them. He full on invaded their photo. And there was me thinking that we had managed to make it through the day without any incidents.


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