My year in pictures

I can’t even begin to guesstimate how many photos I have been in and taken this year but it’s a lot! Here’s a brief selection of some of my favourites. And by favourite I mean that they are likely to be printed out and put on my wall for the upcoming year.

My first ‘merican medal.


LSU vs Alabama


Getting back to the dock, hearing Rage Against the Machine blaring and discovering that the guys were pulling trucks…


One of the most beautiful rowing photos I’ve ever seen, let alone been in (thank you, DeJean!)


Family being crazy on Skype


Kicking off Mardi Gras like this.


Getting to go to SIRA


Celebrating the end of the semester with these terrors.


And having the best mock wedding since I was five years old and was the bridesmaid at my friend’s playground wedding.


I’m also delving into the depths of the photos on my phone to decide which unseen photos deserve to be shown to the world so keep an eye out for that.


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