Skype screenshots from the past year

Thank goodness for technology! If it weren’t for the marvel that is Skype it would have been a lot tougher to stay in contact with everyone during this year. I was upsetting myself by going through all the photos I have taken this year that are on my laptop and was reminded of the folder full of Skype screenshots that I have taken. Apparently this is a new form of cruel and unusual punishment. I’d say sorry but I regret nothing, especially because my sister pulls some hilarious faces.


Alice’s tea shelf in Edinburgh

Alice's tea shelf

A rat hat.

Bug and rat

My sister with cream all over her face.

bug sudo cream

Charlie showing off the new ULBC uni.


Being paraded around to see the entire extended family while they were on holiday in Wales together.


Francesca looking normal for once.

love my family

Jo getting out of the shower so she could say hi to me when I Skyped the girls I lived with in Leicester.

naked jo


Mum and her new rat earrings… (I promise we do treat them well.)

rat earrings

Francesca being odd again, as usual.

stupid child

My beautiful younger sibling.



I guess by the end of next year I’ll have a whole bunch more but Skyping from the UK to the US instead.


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