Round two with Bruno the mouse

Courtney is away in Tennessee at the moment, so when (just as I had gotten comfy in bed, obviously) I heard a mysterious noise in the kitchen the other night I ignored it at first because I really didn’t want to deal with a potentially disease ridden rodent without someone else there to panic with me. It sounded like a cup full of pens had fallen over and I knew we didn’t have anything like that in the kitchen for him to knock over so finally I got out of bed and walked into the hallway.

“Bruno! What the hell-” There, sat in the middle of the hallway is Bruno, stuck to the mousetrap that we put out three weeks ago just looking at me with a face that says “Oh shit.”

So we just kind of stared at each other for a while and every now and again he would try and escape from the trap (the sticky ‘humane’ kind) while I was googling ‘how to get a sticky trap off a mouse’ on my phone.

Finally I decide that I need to deal with the situation so I put my running shoes on and grabbed a tea towel because apparently I thought the way to do this was to just grab him and hope for the best. Well, Bruno sees this and decides he’s having none of it. By this stage he has managed to twist himself around enough that the trap is on his back and his little feet are free enough that he makes a dash for under the sofa. I move the sofa around, attempting to scare him out. This works but I underestimate what a slow, galumphing giant I am to Bruno and he runs straight across the apartment, into the kitchen and through the gap beside the dishwasher before I even have time to move. The speed at which he runs into the gap manages to separate him from the trap which spins across the kitchen.

I’m kind of impressed. He’s cunning and quick and has survived a pretty long time despite multiple attempts to capture him (if anyone follows Courtney on Twitter you might have seen the text I sent her a few weeks back, I’ll provide a link because I’m not ashamed that I act like this).

He has hidden three out of the four traps we have put out and has escaped from the last one. Not to mention the fact that he’s probably all sticky from the last trap so is now probably some kind of mouse/dust ball hybrid monster. Maybe after all of this he deserves to be left alone to live his sneaky life out in peace? After all, we are moving out…


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