Hell is a bowling alley

The last time I went bowling I was probably about eight years old and I was terrible. I was that kid that went straight for the metal frame that you line up and push the ball down. I am very aware how much I lack in the hand-eye coordination department but a little part of me thought I might have improved somewhat in the last twelve years. As it turns out, no I have not. This was demonstrated on Wednesday night when a big group of us went bowling.

image (6)


Obviously I had fun, but it was a kind of torturous fun. Tyler and Zack were determined that with a little bit of coaching I could at least hit the damn pins. So we came up with some techniques to help me. Zack made me stare at the bowling pins without breaking eye contact which worked the first time and then failed miserable every time after that. Tyler told me to release the ball and then direct some jazz fingers at the pins as a way in which to keep my arms straight. This was much more successful and I finished our first game with a score above zero.

By the end of the second game I was begging them not to make me play a third one and trying to convince myself that the scoring system was the same as in golf. At least now I have a little coaching behind me to help when I go bowling again after another twelve years.


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