My last day and my 100th post

Firstly you’re all crazy and I love you because through some kind of voodoo magic I had over 500 views on my blog on Friday! Mainly from the US but also from the UK, France, Germany, India, Switzerland and Mexico, you are all incredible and it was possibly the best way to end my year of blogging from Louisiana. I’m pretty sure Courtney was fed up with my hourly updates on the view count by the time she went to bed. Secondly, this is my 100th post. Who would’ve thunk it, eh? I doubt I would have kept up with the blog had I not had the constant support and encouragement from everyone who reads it so for that, thank you.

Yesterday was the last day of my year abroad and it culminated in me falling asleep in the luggage section of Walmart because I drank too much by the pool. I think I did it right. More right than wrong at the very least.

I had one more reminder as to why I love the South when I went to check in my luggage and it was 9lbs overweight. I agreed to pay the difference until the woman working on the desk calculated how much it would be and it came to $200! I stood there slightly shocked for a moment and decided to reshuffle my belongings between bags all while the other passengers behind me were telling the woman, “That’s appalling!” and a guy who I would swear is Kanye West if he weren’t wearing crocs told the woman that he was never flying with United again. Apparently this helped because even though I was still 5lbs over, she let me check it in without paying anything extra.

Having dreaded this day since January, it was a surprisingly surreal experience driving to the airport and it kept almost hitting me that I was leaving and then I would forget again because Paul kept looking round from the passenger seat with a sad puppy dog face and I would get distracted from whatever miserable train of thought I was on. 

Right now I’m holding it together a lot better than I expected to and again, I think it’s because it hasn’t hit me yet. Lillian suggested that if I cry enough they might bump me up to first class, so we shall see about that. I know it’s going to get better and I know that I now have a focus which will keep me busy for the next year. 

Finally, this isn’t goodbye, this is just see you later.


“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” 
― A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh



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