Back in Blighty

In an update on my journey home, by a stroke of luck (which adds to my suspicion that I am an inherently lucky person) I was transferred on to a direct flight from Houston to Baton Rouge due to delays affecting my original flight which would have gone to Newark, New Jersey and then on to Heathrow.

As it turns out, had I stayed on the original then I would have missed my connection and would not have arrived back in the UK until at least twelve hours later than I was supposed to. I know this because it is exactly what happened to my bag… Fortunately my big bag just contained a koala lamp and n + 1 t-shirts so I am more than happy to be without it for an extra 24 hours in exchange for not spending a night in Newark.

Not only that, but my mother (love her to pieces) hadn’t checked her email, the only means by which I had to communicate with her, and was unaware that I had changed flights and would also have been unaware if I had ended up missing my connection. I was not best pleased when I arrived at Heathrow on two hours sleep in a country I didn’t want to be in with no phone, no money, a credit card that had expired the day before and no mother to be found anywhere. An hour later she strode in gleefully informing me that she had been “tracking your flight since 5am!” and I gave her a look of death. It could’ve been a lot worse, she could have turned up to find out that her daughter wasn’t due to arrive for another ten hours.

During my extended wait in Houston and finding myself without free wifi I set about going through photos and videos on my laptop and the result was this:

Cheesy, lame and almost certainly my new favourite thing to watch on repeat if only for DeJean pushing Paul over while singing Three Wooden Crosses.

Now I am faced with a dilemma. What do I do with the blog? I would love to carry on but everything seems so mediocre now and the only interesting food I could potentially write about would be if I managed to kill a badger or a fox (don’t get excited, I’m not going to kill either, I’d probably get rabies). Not to mention the fact that the blog’s name is now redundant. After eighteen months I have discovered that I can insert polls into my posts so here we go, go crazy!

Finally, I’ve been in England 24 hours and I think I’m ready to go back now so if anyone wants to pick me up from the airport then that would be great.


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