Decisions and a summary

So, when I made a poll asking everyone’s opinion on what I should do with the blog, I kind of intended that you would make suggestions under the option of ‘other’. So instead the poll that was supposed to help decisions made me more indecisive. However, I think that I want to keep this project going for multiple reasons. Firstly, I have been pleasantly surprised and slightly overwhelmed by the positive reaction to this project. For a person who has been described in the past as slightly cold-hearted, the influence of the Americans has helped shake off my stiff upper lip and I will happily admit that I feel a warm and pleasant sensation when people mention reading my blog.

Secondly, considering how fascinated many of them have been by my electrical kettle and use of milk and sugar in tea, I get the feeling that my American audience might quite like to get an insight into British life, despite how unadventurous I consider it to be. I’m not sure if it really counts as a travel blog if the author isn’t travelling but considering that two thirds of my views this year came from the US and that was where I was writing about, maybe this was always more about foreignness than travel.

Speaking of which, this is a map showing the countries that A Lewesian in Louisiana has had views from over the last eighteen months. The darker the colour, the more concentrated the views.


I just… urrghhh.. speechless. Amazing. My favourite country being Macau because I had to Google it to make sure it existed.

Finally, I love this blog. I’m proud of it and I don’t want to let it slip off into oblivion as a project that came and went. So even if nobody else reads it, at least I’ll have it. I’m still working on the whole renaming issue. I need something that still holds true to the original but will be appropriate regardless of where I live over the next few years  (trust me, I don’t plan on being ‘home’ any longer than necessary).

So, if you have any ideas regarding that, no matter how lame you might think they are, let me know. Email me, message me on Facebook, send a carrier pigeon , ANYTHING.

I’m off to my Uncle’s wedding this weekend which I imagine will be blog worthy because there will be a high percentage of Arletts and anyone who knows even slightly how my dad behaves knows what that means…


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