I spent this weekend in Valencia, Spain at my Uncle Peter’s wedding to his now husband, Santiago. I’m waiting for the official wedding photos to come through before I write about it but needless to say it was a great weekend and my grandma commented that my legs were the brownest she’s ever seen them!

However, despite how much I enjoyed being in Valencia I was desperate to get back because we were due to pick up the newest addition to our family. Introducing our new baby, Nola!

image (7)

You would be right in guessing that I had a little bit of influence with the name. The breeder had been calling her Star which I wasn’t a fan of, mum wanted Ebony which went down well until Laura told me it sounded like a porn star and then finally I had a brainstorm session with Paul and I ended up pitching the name Nola to the family which went down surprisingly well.

Her mum is a springer cross cocker spaniel and her dad is a golden retriever, her litter were a little bit of an accident but she’s cute so it makes up for it.

Here is Nola wearing my LSU bandana because she’s gonna be a Tiger!

image (8)

And here she is saying good morning!

image (9)

I literally cannot get over her. I have never fallen in love quite so quickly and for the first time in years I’m not desperate to get away from home.


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