My new commute takes me to the Isle of Dogs which is home to Canary Wharf! It is also home to Channel Five’s children’s TV program ‘milkshake!’ which is where I have been spending the last week of my work experience. I’ve had a couple of early starts working on the live morning broadcasts from the studio (first tube at Archway is at 5.39 for anyone who is interested) and I got to see what goes into shows like this.


This has really made me appreciate how incredibly stressful shows like the X Factor must be. My heart was racing enough when I switched between cameras on the pre-records, let alone the live ones! I also met some totally adorably but simultaneously super creepy alien things called WotWots.

image (14)
Jen with the WotWots

I also got to sort through the birthday cards that had been sent in. While it is common in the UK, I have been told that this is not a stateside practice. Basically, on British children’s television shows you can send in a birthday card for your birthday and if you are lucky the presenters will say Happy Birthday to you!

This card came in and it just blew me away. It was just head, shoulders, torso and belly button above the rest. It had 3D clay cats, the icing on the cake was piped on and the candles lit up! There were even instructions for which setting to put the lights on for the best flame effect. So good! Apparently this mum sends in cards every year and they’re always fantastic. Makes me wonder how much I was loved as a child. Looks like my mother has some explaining to do!

Click here to see the card—>

Dipping my toe into the world of television production has brought me to a few conclusions. Firstly, nobody above the age of five should be able to come to the conclusion that Peppa Pig is a better show than Bananas in Pyjamas. On a similar thread, watching five episodes of Bananas in Pyjamas in a row is tantamount to torture and should probably be used in Guantanamo. I’m fairly sure after going through the episodes for promo clips I could feel the degree to which my brain had started to liquefy and fall out of my ears. Secondly, as much as people who work in the industry can tell you it’s not as glamorous as it looks, you really won’t ever believe them until you experience it yourself and finally, some mothers love their children more than others.

And that’s that. Tomorrow’s early morning show concludes my month’s work experience and a very worthwhile month it has been! Big thanks to Ian for helping me sort it all out!


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