Making the dream a reality

My whole life I have marched my way along the corridor of education because that’s what everyone – including myself – expected from me. I was spoon fed through my GCSEs, whacked over the head slightly by my A-levels (chemistry was not the best decision I have ever made) and then followed the flock on to university. All of these were steps I wanted to take. At thirteen I had a long discussion with my grandfather about which universities I would apply to because for me there was no question, I have always wanted to go to university.

Yesterday I took the GRE in the first solid step towards applying for a graduate degree. This is terrifying because for the first time in my life there is nobody expecting me to do this or to take this step. Never before have I been the person solely responsible for putting together my application, sourcing references, writing samples and searching for programs. Nobody is handing me a prospectus and telling me what is expected of me. This is all me now.

I’m terrified and absolutely buzzing because I know where I want my life to be headed but it all hinges on the decisions of a few college professors who will place my application in either a yes pile, or a no pile. All I can do is try my darnedest to show them I’m a very special snowflake.




One thought on “Making the dream a reality

  1. Good luck with the application process! I’m only now starting to study for the GRE..I haven’t even started the rest of the application process

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