So this is supposed to be a travel blog, right? Well, in early July I actually did some travelling as I was lucky enough to fly out to Valencia in Spain for the eagerly anticipated wedding of my Uncle Peter to Santiago Barón Escámez.

Despite living in Andalucía for five years, I never really ventured outside of it so this was to be my first time exploring a different part of Spain. Valencia is, of course, stunningly beautiful as are all old Spanish towns. Although I always think it’s a shame that such historic cities tend to sprawl out from old world charm to tourist mayhem in the space of a few miles.

photo (11)

Here is my thoroughly modern family (dad, sister, future stepdad and mum) all hitting the town together for tapas and drinks the night before the wedding. As much as I was excited to be going to my first wedding in ten years, I was mostly in it for the food because dayuuummmm I love tapas so much.

Towers of Serranos
Towers of Serranos

After a day on the beach (my entire extended family commented on how tanned I was and I was determined to keep up the good work), it was time for the nuptials. Turns out the Arletts scrub up fairly well. Take note that Francesca made her dress.


Hugo Boss eat your heart out


Peter described my speech as “Endearing. I particularly liked the chin wobble.” Cute. While I have no problem with public speaking, I seems I do get a little nervous when I could potentially ruin somebody’s wedding. My nerves were also not helped by my aunt Kate who,  as I got up to speak, whispered menacingly, “I’m going to put you off.”

Sofia the ring bearer



Then the party really started. If you’re going to have a gay wedding you might as well go all out and make your entrance down a staircase lined with dancing women with feather boas.


There was a sit down meal for over two hundred. The music changed and the song ‘Be Our Guest’ started with the lines: “Ma chere Mademoiselle, it is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure that we welcome you tonight. And now we invite you to relax, let us pull up a chair as the dining room proudly presents – your dinner!” With this the waiting staff poured out of the kitchen with our starters. We ate smoked salmon and prawns, stuffed guinea fowl (“We’re having guinea pig?!” came the cry from one of the younger guests at my table), lime sorbet and chocolate wedding cake to finish all while our glasses were constantly topped up with everything from red wine to cava.

Master of ceremonies: Simon Arlett


Mum and Ian hogging the dancefloor

At 4am I dragged my reluctant sister back to our hotel room so we could catch some shut eye before going for a family lunch on the beach where aunt Kate had to sit a hundred metres away when the food was served because she was so hungover.

I love my family.


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