Welcome back

It has been over a year. A year during the majority of which I had no certainty over when I was going to be back in the States again. Almost two years ago I first left Europe, over a year ago I reluctantly returned and now, here I am, in Baton Rouge for a week before I fly on to Miami for my next Stateside adventure. I am so lucky that everything has gone so smoothly.

Although long, my journey was uneventful and without any hiccups. As always I was a contender for the World Championship for sleeping in uncomfortable positions. Six hours passed out face down on a pillow on a tray table? Yes, that happened and I’m fairly sure it’s going to take my spine a while to forgive me. I’m also slowly but surely building my knowledge on free airport wifi. Atlanta? Yes. Baton Rouge? Yes. San Francisco? Yes. Houston? No. Heathrow? 45 mins. Quite generous for England. I had a long wait before my flight so I shelled out for a few hours worth and learned that True Blood is not appropriate for watching in public. Quite frankly I should’ve known better.

I arrived in Baton Rouge at 10.15pm after twenty hours and waited to be picked up from the airport by Lillian and Selena. As I sat waiting outside a car pulled up across from me. It too far away for me to see the drivers face but she waved at me. I don’t think that’s Lillian. I pointed to myself. The driver nodded. I swear Lillian’s hair isn’t that dark. I was torn between staying put and looking like an idiot, or walking over to the car and looking like an idiot. I chose the latter and needless to say. it wasn’t Lillian’s car. No, her’s is the Virginia license plate that reads ‘Schmill’. Obviously.

It is so good to be back in Baton Rouge.


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