The best week in forever

You know what are wonderful? Hugs. We all know that the USA has made me a big softie, and the proof of this is how the best part about coming back was the multitude of reunion bear hugs I got to share. In the months leading up to flying back to Baton Rouge, my list of things to do was increasingly focused on places I wanted to go and eat. Therefore, welcome to the conclusive documentation on what will hereby be known as FAT WEEK.

90% of these photos are terrible because I kept getting too excited about food and forgetting to take a photo before I started eating.

Monday. Midnight snack. Cane’s. Three chicken fingers, crinkle fries, Texas toast, coleslaw and Cane’s sauce.


Tuesday. Lunch. Chelsea’s. Six cheese grilled cheese with tomato soup.


Wednesday. Lunch. The Chimes. Shrimp Poboy and white chocolate bread pudding (which I took home and ate over the course of the rest of the week because it was so huge).


Thursday. Lunch. Lucy’s. My first fish taco!



Thursday. Dinner. The Johnson family’s house (best restaurant in Baton Rouge). Shrimp pasta, fried chicken, squash and cauliflower, and garlic bread. Photo does ZERO justice.


Friday. Lunch. Back to Chelsea’s for another grilled cheese with Selena followed by Froyo!


Saturday. Breakfast. Weird delicious cinnabon things from Taco Bell.


Dinner. Jimmy John’s Beach Club sandwich


Sunday. Lunch. Kaminari all you can eat sushi.

Dear Dad, I know you think I’m going to become a whale, but I promise you this is merely a momentary blip. If only because I can’t afford to buy two plane seats when I want to come home.

To be fair, I’m still getting used to American portion sizes and so I’ve been eating one meal a day and still haven’t really felt hungry at any point.

Other than the food, the past week has been glorious. I got to have so many adventures!

I went back to the dock.


I spent an evening with Selena’s family and made her do crazy gymnastics.


I went to Frinks (free drinks between 8 and 10 for $10, if you didn’t know)!


And then gave everyone head massages on the kerb in Tigerland. Real classy.


If I hadn’t been sure which country I was in this car certainly gave me a clue.


And I even got to take a beaver for a walk!


The absolute highlight, however, was my 22nd birthday on the Saturday when we went tubing!! If you don’t know what tubing is then shame on you. Go and read this old post and educate yourself.

So, early Saturday morning we set off to go tubing. When we arrived I saw Tommy who gave me a huge hug and then produced a cake from his truck. This might not have been the most practical thing to take tubing, but nonetheless it came along and was half eaten, half smothered on everybody at the first beach we stopped at. Six hours later on the drive back I fell asleep by Paul who started picking at my hair like a monkey and said, “You have cake in your hair, and your neck is purple.”


DeJean is a keen advocated for stopping at every beach along the river. I am a keen advocate for curling up in an inner tube and not using my legs. So when DeJean pulled me up onto the second beach and I just flailed uselessly his response was, “You’re not the Queen, Megan!”
“No! I’m a birthday princess!”
“Fair enough.” And then I got to stay in my tube without getting a talking to.

By hour five the two gallons of disco lemonade Clay had brought were gone. Kevin’s tube had semi-deflated and Merritt was making sure he didn’t drown since there was less than a centimeter between the water and his face. Tyler had successfully steered us down the entire river and 22 by Taylor Swift had played four times. We were nearing the end when I looked around me and saw a lone inner tube 400m behind us down the river. Head back, mouth wide open was Saltzy completely passed out and floating down the Bogue Chitto river. I haven’t laughed so hard in a very long time. As Paul Braun put it, “Imagine how drunk you have to be to not be able to sit in an inner tube. That’s how drunk we were.”


It was a birthday I will remember forever.


Now I’m happily sat using the free wifi in Atlanta, listening to a girl cry at the man at the gate while I wait for my flight to Miami. I’m really excited for this next chapter.


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