Moving is stressful

On Sunday the 3rd of August I waved goodbye to Baton Rouge and flew to meet my family who are in Miami as a combined holiday/help Megan get her life together trip. And while I’m sure everyone knows this already, moving is freaking stressful. Not only is moving stressful, but moving to another country is stressful. Not only is moving to another country stressful, but being a poor, frugal student and trying to move is the WORST THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED. 

Do you know how many things you need that you didn’t think you needed when you move to another country? I’ve moved abroad before. I’ve moved to the States before. But moving into an unfurnished apartment is a whole different ball game. This time I needed to buy a mattress, a lamp, a desk, a chair for the desk, drawers, a kettle (obviously), plates and silverware! The list is endless, oh, and let us not forget that I need a car! By 5pm on day one I stopped looking at the numbers I was paying at the checkout and entered a stage of stress that was quiet and accepting. The kind of stress that creates spree killers. 

Today my mattress got delivered and I unpacked (kind of… everyone knows that unpacking stalls very close towards the end). I am very much looking forward to feeling a bit more settled.




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