The most beautiful woman I have ever met

I was walking back from the gym when I saw her get out of her car. She seemed to be the definition of Miami. Tanned with blonde hair, she wore a floor length red dress and her breasts were essentially eye magnets. She was walking towards the same building that I was and, as I reached the door first, I keyed in the access code and held the door open for her.
“You know the code?” She asked. “Are you new here?”
“Yeah! I just moved in.” I replied. We stood in the entrance hall by the elevators.
“When? Which floor?” Her accent was foreign but I could not place it. Possibly Eastern European but very diluted. I told her which floor I was on and mentioned that I was going to grad school.
“You know, I host dinners all the time. You should come?”
“Oh sure.”
“It is in Sunny Isles and it’s for all the models I work with!” I had thought she was inviting me to her apartment to get to know her and this was a little unexpected but it sounded fun. We chatted for a little longer and swapped numbers. By the time I got back to the apartment I had a text.

Hi neighbour. It’s Mila. Dinner is on Friday at 10pm. Sunny Isles.

I told Stephanie what had just happened when I got in.
“Does she want you to model?” She asked. I laughed obnoxiously loudly but then I had a moment of clarity. Why would a beautiful Eastern European woman invite me to a ‘models dinner’ at 10pm on a Friday? “Did I just get scouted to be an escort?” I don’t know if you have ever looked in the mirror and thought “Could I be a prostitute?” but it is a very weird question to ask yourself. The answer, I quickly decided, was no. 

The next day I got another text from the beautiful Mila. 

Hi Megan. BBQ at our pool. Come by at 3.30. It’s my roommate’s bday.

I decided to go. It was probably better to decide if she was running an escort ring from the comfort of my own apartment complex than somewhere I didn’t know, and I wasn’t going to turn down an August pool BBQ in Miami. That’s living the dream, right? Turns out Mila and her roommate Tina are really, really awesome. Mila is Russian, Tina is from Tanzania and they met at college in Missouri. Mila is also an incredible cook and kept piling food onto my plate while Tina wouldn’t stop making cocktails for me even though I insisted I felt bad for not bringing anything. As it turns out Mila is not a madam. She is, in fact, a model. But the sexy kind that gets hired to model cars and launch alcohol brands and walk at swimwear week hence the eye magnet boobs (which I’m pretty sure are natural, some people are just blessed). 

The moral of the story is, sometimes people are trying to sell you into an international sex ring and sometimes they aren’t but if you’re trying to give them the benefit of the doubt you should do so in a safe environment. Like a pool party. 



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