No more MIA

It has been tumbleweed city on this blog lately and for that I can only apologise. Miami living is very different to Baton Rouge. My adventures are rare but life is good. My average week is mundane and clockwork. I wake up, workout, go to class, do my homework and go to bed. But it’s nearly November and I can drive home from the gym with my windows down, along a road lined with palm trees and sing along to 80s hits. So not having much to blog about is only a small complaint.

For those who are interested (namely my mum and my grandad) these are some stand out events from the last four weeks:

– The MFA program got handsy with a coconut and I got to drink fresh coconut milk!


– Emily gave me a supply of M&M cookie dough Oreos to share with Jaimie and Stephanie, and 80% of them mysteriously disappeared before I got home.


– I spent every Skype call home demanding to talk to the dog who had no idea what was going on


– One of our students brought his puppy to class! And as responsible teaching assistants, Emily and I spent fifty minutes cuddling him and laughing at how loudly he was snoring.


Clearly I am a little obsessed with four legged creatures of the canine variety. The new gym I have been going to have a gym dog called Bella. My warm up consists of cuddles and belly rubs!

In less than two months I will be home for Christmas! So book your slot with me now. I don’t plan to go anywhere without Nola so take that into consideration. In the meantime I will be grading essays, writing stories and poetry, finding time to nap, and listening to country music. Doing a master’s degree was 100% the right decision.


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