Megan’s First Hot Doughnut

Every Thursday I take the shuttle bus between FIU’s North and South campus and every Thursday I press my face up against the glass as we zoom past Krispy Kreme on the way home. Each week without fail the ‘Hot Doughnuts’ sign flashes and mocks me. I tried Krispy Kreme for the first time two weeks ago when Emily brought some in when we were holding one-on-one student conferences. But I could not shake the legend of the hot doughnut.


This morning, after an early classroom observation, Jaimie and I decided we were going for it. We were going to Krispy Kreme and we were going to keep our fingers crossed that the goods were above room temperature.

To put my excitement into context, last week we drove to campus in heavy rain and at 10.20am (when the parking lot is usually packed) we found a spot so close to the building that I couldn’t contain myself. Jaimie said I sounded like I won something on Oprah. This morning I got that feeling again. As we approached I saw Krispy Kreme in the distance… and then there it was! Flashing bright and red! HOT FREAKING DOUGHNUTS!


Hot doughnuts are everything Jaimie had told me they would be and more. Oh. My. Word. Seriously. It’s like placing a sugar cloud in your mouth. Life is changed. I understand Homer Simpson a little better, I love America even more and I want to cut sugar from my diet even less.


Don’t tell me that I don’t write about things of importance.


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