There are always puddles on Bourbon Street – Mardi Gras 2015

There are two things I really, really dislike: leaving my bed and not having convenient access to tea. So it is completely inexplicable that Mardi Gras is one of my all time favourite things in the world.

First things first, listen to this song while reading this. It was everywhere during Mardi Gras.

My trip to New Orleans was insane. On Thursday night I went to Muses for the first time and was on a mission to catch a shoe. This brought out an evil side of me that I did not know I had. When a shoe was finally thrown in my direction I caught it at exactly the same time as another woman. I looked her directly in the eye, let out a witchy cackle, and ran off back into the crowd where I promptly stuffed the shoe down my shirt so nobody could try and take it. Mission accomplished.


I was reunited with two people I haven’t seen in over eighteen months, Echo and Courtney. I ate all of the Louisianan food I miss every day. I laughed so much that I’ve filled my quota for the next year. I ruined a pair of shoes. I met Theron and Molly (a.k.a Rookie of the Year). I saw people I miss more than I can explain. I brought home far more beads than was necessary. I loved every second, including the ones where my body felt like it had been hit by a truck.

We have wings and capes so we can decide if we want to fly or soar – Molly


It’s like shark and Goliath. Or whatever that thing is. – Echo


So, are we going to watch Duck Dynasty now? – Molly

Echo’s new love, the King Cake.


Urgh. I’m so hungover. I don’t know if I want to eat or shoot myself. No, seriously guys. I’m not going to drink until like… lunch. – Paul


Megan: Woooo pink shark!
Paul: That’s a dolphin.
Molly: Wait… we’ve been calling it the pink shark for three days.

Dad Paul

I cleaned it with my own spit – Molly

“Hi! I’m Nala!”

You’re Florida and she’s Georgia and here’s the line – Molly

Courtney's Photo

Tyler: How’s it going?
Random man: Awesome! How could it not be? It’s Mardi gras!


HUGE thanks to Tyler for letting me come and go from his house as I pleased, and to the Mills family who fed me gumbo and King Cake and were just altogether wonderful. And congratulations to DeJean who didn’t get arrested this year!!

Like a fool, I took most of my videos in portrait so here is the video that Courtney put together from the long weekend. And when I say long, I mean looonnggg. I got back to Miami, went to bed at 7.45pm and did not get up until past 9am. So worth it. I miss Louisiana already.

Mardi Gras 2015 from Courtney Mills on Vimeo.


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