More Game of Thrones Thoughts

Should I braid my hair?

I should braid my hair.

That did not go as planned.

Did he just grope his sister?


Well at least he’s disgusted when he finds out. Can’t say that for everyone.

Joffrey is such a dick.

Such. A. Dick.

He has surpassed his previous dickish behaviour and has entered the realm of ‘Lord Dick’.

Who is Cersei?

Oh wait, I did know who that was.

Someone is about to die and everyone is upset but I can’t remember who they are or why they are important.

I like The Hound

Robb and mysterious medic girl! This is a storyline I can get behind!

I like how she tries to undress him by pawing at his intricately laced shirt. You’re going to be there a while…

None of these girls have body hair. Where are they getting razors from in medieval times?

Was that the dad from Pramface?

If they rowed a little more together they would get to King’s Landing a lot faster and a lot less tired.

“Why yes, he’s a sword swallower through and through.” -> New favourite slang for being gay.

Is this the Red Wedding?

Or is this one the Red Wedding?

I should’ve been concentrating more. Then I might actually know which is which.

Oh no… this had better not be the Red Wedding.



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